Strange Encounters, Part 4

I’m getting a late start here. It’s been a rainy and relaxing day but somehow, busy. I cleaned the studio. A huge accomplishment and I won’t get into that. I had a small challenge with writing this strip and I think it came out well. I thought I had a rifle but the pistol worked out well. Since changing the name of the comic, I’m thinking to try something a little more edgy. With that, I would eventually have to change the cast, which would not happen until the summer, as I go into the next book. I will always stick with funny, if you’d like to call it that, because that’s in line with my personality.

I even thought to add some of my own biography into the comic, though it will take time. Somehow, I think this may be just as interesting as the stuff I create in my head. I’ve not had anything really bazaar to happen but I’m kinda interested in journeying through my life in comic form. I hope that doesn’t sound narcissistic. I would say it’s like writing a memoir and with that, people do write them with hopes that others will find details of their lives interesting. Right now, it’s just an idea in my head. I’ll complete this series before starting anything else, however.

Dear lovely folks, would you put yourself in the virtual world to share your life story? Do you have a story to tell or will you keep your secrets tucked away and take them to your grave? Why ever would you do the latter?




8 thoughts on “Strange Encounters, Part 4”

    1. Thank you, Carl. That’s encouraging, for sure. I appreciate your comment.

    1. Scary? This is real life stuff. As for the memoir, I have snippets of interesting things I’ve experienced. Not the rock star life I imagined it to be. 🙂 Thank you for the link. I’ll check it out.

        1. I’m sure. You could pull off a few short stories. Tell all the juicy details though. 🙂

  1. Yay! You’re back in the studio!
    My comics mentor is always after me to put some of my hair-raising tales of my youth into comics. Not sure I’m ready for that. But everything we’ve ever done goes into our stories somehow, doesn’t it?

    1. Well, not quite in the studio yet, as far as making stuff. I can at least walk around in comfort though.

      You should share what you’re comfortable with. I don’t think my comic shares anything about my life really. It’s purely fictional. But I do think I can put a twist on what I would be willing to share.

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