Strange Encounters, Part 3

As you can see, Lydia has caused herself all kindsa distress. Now, all she had to do after Chloe left was take them clothes off and get herself a shower. And you know she’s British, so a cuppa hot tea would’ve been good to follow up behind that. Tea has a way of calming your nerves, the decaffeinated kind, that is. I’m about to make me some now, if you’d like to join me.

Dear folks, have you ever been raging mad and called somebody to vent at? Have you ever lost control of your faculties after keeping your crazy bottled up for so long? Or do you play classical music and sit in pitch darkness with a glass of spirits? Respond to one or all questions. Thank you for dropping by.




2 thoughts on “Strange Encounters, Part 3”

  1. Me, I *need* to vent frustration, when it boils up. Oh yeah; talking it out with a like-minded pal helps a ton!!! Also we might even brainstorm things I can actually *do* to try and fix whatever it is.

    BTW, I never used to like tea (except when I’m sick e.g. with a cold) but I’m starting to like herbals – yesterday I had a cuppa maple-flavoured. Day before, blueberry-flavoured!! There’s so much out there to try!!

    1. Be nice.😋
      I love herbals. Got all kindsa flavors. Nice to have options.

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