Strange Encounters, Part 2

Since we’re snowed in down south, thought I’d go on and publish part two of the comic.

I also thought it may be a good idea to add the first comic with part 2. You get the gist far better than if I didn’t. I believe each storyline is about 4 to 5 pages but that could change since I’m still writing.

There are 5 storylines for each of the 5 dolls and it gets a bit crazy as we progress into the story. Should I spoil it, I’ll have to change the ending. I’ll do my best to avoid that. I mean, I don’t wanna create extra work for myself. You may have noted that I’ve not used any narration yet. It’s coming, as the narrator presents a bit of character without actually being a physical character within the strip. And just in case you’ve wondered if any of this might be somewhat autobiographical, hey, you may be on to something.

Dear folks, what awkward moments have inspired your creativity? Please, don’t leave me on this virtual island alone. Sharing is caring.




9 thoughts on “Strange Encounters, Part 2”

  1. I usually try to bury my awkward moments, but I laughed so much at this I might have to rethink it. I love the delicate phrasing: “had to release”. Heehee!

    1. Oh, you need to dig up those awkward moments and scramble them around into a a tale or two. I’ve had so many, your head would spin. I used to write about them on my first blog and now I get to have the dolls to act out my antics. Try it, you’ll like it. 🐡

    1. Thank you! The dolls will be back in action tomorrow.
      Yes, that’s orangehead. And if you could take him off our hands, I’d be forever indebted.

        1. That’s a lot of trash too, littering up the place too. Lordy mercy…

          1. I’m sure you don’t. I’ll need more than luck. I need heavy weight trash bags to and a huge ditch to dump him and his cronies.

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