Creative Challenges

As I work on the script for Against the Grain, I’m considering the scenes and if my studio is equipped with the appropriate props. For the chair Esperanza’s sitting in here, I forked out $8.00. I couldn’t resist because it’s so her. A challenge I’m experiencing in the studio right now is lighting and eliminating the shadows. While the shadows can come in handy for certain shots, they are something I need to avoid for the most part. I did a few quick shots today and now mulling over how I can rearrange the studio for the best light to reflect on the stage to capture these misbehaving dolls.

I rather like this look of antiquity but I sometimes wrestle over whether it’s appealing enough. At any rate, the resonance it has now won’t change in any dramatic way in the midst of what’s going on now. However, I need to get the lighting corrected asap.

Dear folks, what stumbling blocks have you scratching your head already in this new year? Better yet, whatchu gon’ ’bout it?





9 thoughts on “Creative Challenges”

  1. I’m not sure what you mean by the look of antiquity, but if it’s that beautiful medieval-looking dress she’s wearing, it’s gorgeous! And kind of hilarious given that she’s eating a doughnut and ice cream cone.

    1. Well, it’s the oldness of the photos in how they appear. I’m cool with it though. Now, Esperanza there, which I failed to mention is having herself a premenstrual fit. Couldn’t figure on which would satisfy her sweet tooth, so she took both.

  2. Well I’ll tell you what resonates with ME the most! That ice-cream cone and that donut!! Mmmm! LOL!!! The other props are great too… love the fuzzy chair!! 🙂

    1. I could go for either one of them there sweets. We’re snowed in and I’m running out of fun foods, not that I keep them around all that much.

        1. My mom did give me some mini sweet potato pies but yikes, my little stash is getting low!!!

          1. I’d best not. I just want something like a burger and fries right about now. May be best for me to take myself to bed so I won’t keep thinking about it.

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