Strange Encounters

So, here goes it.

I’ve simplified the masthead, going for clean design. Just as important as the story and artwork is…well, everything. Lydia is still in homemaker mode and grating carrots for a scrumptious carrot cake. Having the script written already, I kept trying to visualize what kind of scenery the new comic would start in and settled for pretty much where we left off last week, with Lydia in the kitchen.

I intended to let you in on what was ailing Lydia so, but decided to hold out. My scheduled time for posting the comic after today is on Sunday. In between, I’ve been looking at recreating vintage ads, which I’d like to integrate into the ebook. At some point, a male character will appear, so let the drum roll on that.

I hope your day is going well.





8 thoughts on “Strange Encounters”

    1. Yes, a cliffhanger already. Never will you guess. Glad you like it. I suppose having the small break has sparked the imagination a bit.

    1. Thanks, Karen. Less busier, the better. I’m always looking for stuff for these dolls. It’s partly insane but mostly fun.

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