Against the Grain

I’m renaming my comic, after all.  Did I ever mention the possibility? The light bulb came on a few days ago and said to entitle it Against the Grain. It makes sense. Think about it. My comic is different from the norm. I hand-make the characters and some of the props. What I don’t make, I find in antique and dollar stores. And let’s face it, I’m different.

Now, I clearly recognize many people use that word to describe themselves as something special or unique. But aren’t we all that? If you have a tendency to act a fool with no just cause, you are some kinda special, wouldn’t you say? Well, that kinda different wouldn’t be me. Let’s be clear.

What will also be different are longer storylines. Currently, each comic can be a stand alone but what I’m aiming for this year is to develop the comic into an ebook. It will serve as a portfolio for my illustrations and yes, it will be free. I’m going for a July deadline but I will continue posting everything here. It makes sense to do this now since the comic is going into it’s 3rd year. I believe July 2015 was when Life of The Dolls was first published on my blog. So yes, July is fitting for the ebook publication.

If possible, I’ll work on a stop motion clip to go along with promoting the book. That makes sense too but we’ll see if time allows. Right now, I’m working on the logo because the new and improved comic will be presented on January 15th., two days from now. I’ve completed the outline, which offers a little more crazy and ridiculous. Lydia here is finalizing the old, so that we can bring in the new.

Hey, thank you for stopping by. Hope you’re off to a great start to the new year!

5 thoughts on “Against the Grain”

  1. Wow, Love the concept and the execution! One teensy suggestion, is to keep the subtitle “A Comic Reality.” Just a thought. Look forward to the eBook! (Why not charge, though? You’re worth it!!!) <3

    1. Cool. I’ll keep the Comic Reality part. Perhaps I should charge after 30 days or something. I was just trying to be visible. I will be doing a children’s book that I’ll charge for. I was thinking the children’s book may be more marketable. Could be that’s all in my head though. I’m glad you think otherwise.

  2. Whoo-hoo! I like the new title; it suggests a wider readership somehow than “Life of the Dolls”. I like keeping the subtitle too.

    1. You know, I hadn’t thought of the readership broadening. I like the sound of it though. I’m all for exploiting doll foolery. 🙂

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