Happy New Year!

My life is planned out in composition books and a calendar, as part of trying to maintain organization. Should I need to turn my head to the left and it’s not planned in the calendar, I shall keep it forward or to the right. If you’re on the left of me, you’ll have to go to the other side, okay?

I’m steadily trying to improve the comic; the script, layout, props, photography and whatever else. I know I paused the strip over the summer to create other stuff but it was worth it. I will finally be adding men folk to the cast. A lot of upgrades are going on. My website has been launched and frankly, I can’t recall if I ever mentioned it here. If you click this link, you won’t have to remember StudioTosh.com.

How do you feel about 2017 and going into the new year? Well, good news is, it’s coming. There is no bad news. I mean, there is but I’m staying positive and trying not to be so opinionated. While I will maintain an opinion about situations that require it, I won’t be opinionated, which pretty much means I’m gonna keep my thoughts to myself. Know what I mean?

What are you doing differently in 2018 and why did you wait to do it next year? Are you a procrastinator?



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you too! I love all the what’s-gonna-happen blurbs, can’t wait to see what the girls (and the new guys) are going to do in 2018. My thing to do differently is to not do so much — looking back on my journal for the year, I realized I’ve been wearing myself to a frazzle. Maybe I should take up procrastination for a hobby, heh…

    1. Hmmm…So you’ve been procrastinating on procrastinating. Better get ready. The countdown is on.

  2. Girl, I am absotively blown away by your creative ouput!! And your new website, OMG!!!! Stunning!!!! You deserve only fantastic things in this new year about to start. I wish they will all happen for you! xoxoxox Love to you – and your dolls! <3

    1. Thank you, Ellie. I wish they happen for you as well. I’m about to put away the last of this Haagen Dazs so that I can be fresh and on the ready come 12:01 am. Love to you and I shall give the dolls your regards. They’re in the studio now, arguing over who will get more camera time.

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