Tweeting Twits

I’m over the moon and back, happy that it’s Friday. I appreciate those other days, yes I do but Friday is some kinda wonderful, folks.

I miss my little blog…Actually, I haven’t had much time to think about it. At one point, I was so glued to the news. I mean, it’s on 24 hours a day! Then, I was done with them for all the media coverage on this so-called president. I REALLY don’t want to give him that kinda coverage here but let me say this, ’cause both my son and daughter serve in the military…My eyes tear up at what The Johnson Family heard this man say to them during this phone call of condolence offering.

I’m so tired of everyone trying to massage his big TINY ego and translate what he means. He’s not one to mince words or the spirit in which he ejaculates his words. He meant it in the thoughtless, insensitive way he said it. He speaks English, despite his limited vocabulary, okay?

I’m going to need a moment of silence now. Thank you for visiting.




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    1. Oh shucky ducky, how did I know a trade wouldn’t work…yes, I’ll have to catch the drool. Do you know Anybody who’d trade, btw?

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