A Shout Out to Instagram

I’ve been grossly neglecting my responsibilities as a semi serious blogger over here. If you knew my story, you’d say, “Yeah, that’s understandable. You’ve got it so hard. Let me treat you to the spa and gift you $500,000.” But I won’t relay my story ’cause I don’t wanna, you know, take advantage and whatnot. Unfortunately, that’s just how I am.

My attention, however, has been on Instagram. It takes so little time to post a photo and say a few words. I feel like, at least my blog, should have a little more than that. I mean, it used to. But lately folks, I’ve got nothing. It’ll come back eventually but as it is right now, I can’t see the forest for the trees. The glass is half empty. The dog ate my homework. Yaddah, yaddah…You’ve been where I am, so you halfway know the story. Let’s not even…okay?

Anyhow…Speaking of Instagram from way back earlier, here are a few photos I’ve posted. Swing by there to give me a shout at StudioTosh.




7 thoughts on “A Shout Out to Instagram

  1. I’m not active at all on Instagram (despite an account there) but I have to tell you – your dolls are AMAZINGGGG!!!!! The detail – dimples, earrings, necklace, buttons, hell, the HAIRstyles etc. – just gorgeous!!! Never mind us, just keep it up, post every once in a blue moon here if u want, and throw a whole whack o’ pics at us, like now. 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thanks, Ellie. Perhaps you should think about it for your book. Quote yourself, tell short jokes, post vids of you reading from the book, etc. it’s fun and honestly, I’m addicted.?

      1. Hmm. See, I’m pretty much using Facebook for all that. Also Twitter. So what with those plus this, who has time for yet another platform?! My brain almost feels like exploding just thinking about it. ???

        1. Okay. I know that feeling. Just makes ya wanna lay down and take a nap, huh…

  2. I’ve been using Instagram more and more, too. So easy (once I figured out how to use my phone *sigh*), and easy to cross-post to Facebook, too. Different people have different viewing preferences, so don’t be shy about posting that Instagram stuff here, too — it looks great!

    1. Thanks, Karen. You may know but I’m following you on Instagram now. I’m off for three days , so I’m itching to post something. I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms, so I’m must feed my crazy. ?

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