Cultural Influences

It’s been a busy weekend of dollmaking, household chores, running errands and prepping for work. What? You thought I made my living making dolls and whatnots? That’s the desirable outcome. Anyhow…

I’m just stopping in to share my latest creation. I didn’t take a separate photo of the chair but it comes with her. I’m not crazy about doll stands. Plus, this little mama is 28 inches tall, not to include her bodacious coiffure. Inspired by Maasai women and 70s fashion, this is where I arrived.

This doll isn’t for play. Simply an art piece as a home décor feature. A lot can be said about it but I won’t get into that. I’m rather pooped, actually.

She, along with another doll I’ve started working on, will be on display later this month, which I will share by the end of the week. Afterwards, I’ll have to quickly pause production on this line of dolls in order to complete some commission pieces.

Hey, it’s Sunday. I hope you enjoyed it.

6 thoughts on “Cultural Influences

    1. Thanks. I’m hoping more than you. I tell ya…you’re preaching straight to the choir, okay?!

    1. Thanks, Ellie. I’m rightly proud of her. And she was like, “Right on.”?

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