A Bright Sunshiney Day

I went outside today and I tell you, folks. I thought I was in a frying pan. I turned one way, then the other. You know, like how fried chicken’s flipped this way and that. Well, much like that chicken, I found no relief.

It all kinda started soon as I walked out the door but I kept right on. I walked into the Home Depot just ’cause I was in a home improvement kinda mood but it was hot in there. Naturally, with Joann’s Fabrics two seconds down, I went there, where it was quiet and cool. I can’t stand being hot. Cold either. Soon after a quick round in the fabric store, I brought myself home and enjoyed my own air condition.

I know it’s late but I sure could use me a snack now. Man! I’d tear into it something awful but the closest way I’ll get to that is eating on carrots or cucumbers and who wants that?!


Reyanna’s been real patient with my going on, waiting to be introduced. Folks, meet Reyanna. Reyanna, meet folks.



4 thoughts on “A Bright Sunshiney Day

    1. Thanks. I’m staying in today. Funny how heat and water affects sugar?

    1. Thank you.
      It sure didn’t seem like it. I had to mean mug it outta there! Lol!

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