A Little Story on Road Rage

I’m deviating from the dolls for a moment and presenting a storyboard I completed about 4 years ago. I was briefly deliberating if the comic should be presented in a similar style. I’m not sure it will. But anyway…

It’s short, sweet and it’s Saturday.

7 thoughts on “A Little Story on Road Rage

  1. Very good/funny!! Well drawn!!!
    So I went to your website that is mentioned at the end of the video, Totsymae.com, but it’s a site about investing, mostly written by a Steven Bell. Who’s he??

    1. Thanks.

      That was the first blog I started. It was a crazy time for me and I said WHATEVER. Now, I’m much more refined and whatnot, here on my new blog. I ain’t trippin’, though I had a much bigger audience. Folk like crazy and that, I was. Now, what would Steven use sucha domain for, I haven’t the faintest. A silly name for investing, don’t you think?

      1. Ohhh so he took it over. Yeah, it’s a silly name for investing! Ha, wasn’t one of the companies involved in the huge collapse of 2008 called “Fannie Mae”?

        1. You know, he probably was. Just dragging my name through the mud!! Sounds like a lawsuit. ?

          1. Know what I’d do with the money? Put it in a Swiss Bank account, as they said back in the day, and move clean outta the country. For obvious reasons, you know. **rolling eyes toward Washington. D.C, that is.**

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