A House of Chaos

With all the craziness going on in Washington, I think it’s high time for me to create another comic. I’ve been thinking on it, trust me, but I’ve been so preoccupied. And right now, I’m hungry, so that’s another fire I have to put out.

Sometimes, life seems all about putting out fires. It’s a drainer. Though, I’m so thankful I’m not working at The White House. I don’t do well in chaos or confusion. However, whenever I find myself in such an unfortunate situation, I uninvolve myself as much as possible. You know, go to the bathroom and make toilet paper art, lose myself in a book that’ll put me to sleep and sometimes, I may pretend I’m not me.

Do you reckon the beloved or unbeloved Trump, depending upon your care or lack thereof…Do you think he loves himself right about now? I tell you one thing. That hair hasn’t grayed none. Typically, you’d see presidents age within these 6 months he’s been in office ’cause they’re entrusted with so many dirty secrets and passing bills and whatnot. Well folks, ole Donald’s secrets are dripping like Flint water and he ain’t passed a bill yet! YAY, when you consider what he’s been trying to pass.

But this isn’t a political blog. I forgot. I want you to meet Reyanna.

She’s an aspiring model. Hold, please. I’m gonna fix me a jam and almond butter sandwich…

Anyhow, here’s Reyanna in her PJs, with flowing red hair. Each time I finish a doll, it becomes my favorite. Reyanna, while comfy in her PJs, is ready to be dressed. I have an idea for a turquoise tie-dye dress, so we’ll see.

I’ve simplified the photography with a white background because eventually, all of the dolls will be on Etsy. I actually have a previous customer waiting for 4 dolls now. YAY!

I really think my photography skills have improved. Natural lighting makes a huge difference.

Doesn’t she look like a model? Her arms and legs are a bit stiff but we all have our issues, right? Enjoy your weekend, folks.


6 thoughts on “A House of Chaos”

  1. Love the new doll, the photography, and the way your writing is just like you’re talking to a friend. And I hope you take some pictures of that tie-dyed dress (if you end up doing that) — I’m a tie-dye crazed old hippie!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I’m encouraged to go with tie-dye now. You know, I bought this expensive camera with hopes it would make me a better photographer. I don’t reckon I’m doing too bad anymore but it is something I’ll have to continue working on.

  2. Reyanna is lovely!! I’d vote for her over that other thing any day. BTW, you’re putting them on Etsy, does that mean you’re gonna SELL them all?? But…how will u do comics without them?

    1. That other thing has several wiry hairs up his badoonka.

      Yes, the play dolls, with embroidered faces will go on Etsy. I have a different set of dolls I use for the comic. There were two other original dolls in the comic that sold but I’ve managed without them and have since replaced one with Dr. Lorraine. She’s a Trump supporter, so I need to weave her into the storyline.

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