Switched at Birth

Lana is her name and I finished her attire today. And let me tell you now that I’ve been binging on Switched at Birth. I fully realize it’s all about entertainment but I’m quite bothered at the number of men folk in and out of those girls lives. How they switch up and date each other sister’s or friend’s boyfriends is rather…astounding. And poor Regina is always getting the beat down, probably ’cause she hid the switch for 13 years and well…what she’s getting blamed for is her fault but I wind up feeling so darn sorry for her. Damn, girl!


Lana here, like the others before her, is 15.5 inches. She is jointed at the hips and shoulders, therefore, she can move around a bit. The dress she’s wearing was meant for another doll but it didn’t quite fit the look the doll already exudes. So, Lana got the hand-me-downs. Lana also has dimples, like myself.

The artwork behind Lana was painted by myself and hanging in my dining room, by the way. I’ll give you a full view of that in seconds. Also by the way, my dolls were accepted onto the Amazon Handmade site. I’ve been so busy trying to get the inventory up, I haven’t had time to photograph them in the way products should be done. I need a white sheet. That’s my problem, not yours (As if you didn’t know).

The painting is quite large. It’s not my typical painting style but I was tryna get something done quickly on a canvas I had sitting around. I built the canvas too. I didn’t photograph the sides but they’re about 3 inches. A bit of Jackson Pollock in there with the splatter. It’s about 3 years old and I noticed I’ve yet to sign it. Hmm…


6 thoughts on “Switched at Birth

    1. Thank you, Ellie. If you stand around 16 inches, I can stitch you one up within a fortnight. Lol!!!

  1. I like it! I rarely remember to sign my work. Is that wrong? It’s not like we are apologizing for our expressive work by not signing. I am usually in a frenzy to start a new piece of art – my head swirling with good ideas and from the looks of your blog, so is yours!. So…art-on my friend.

    1. Thank you!

      I don’t think it’s wrong. It just a record keeping thing for me because I date it with the month and year. The ideas do come fast. Glad you enjoyed your visit her.

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