A State of Unrest

After a long hiatus from the scene, The Dolls return with separate agendas. Mine, at the current moment, is getting me a bite to eat ’cause boy, am I hungry.

Have a good weekend.

5 thoughts on “A State of Unrest

  1. OMG, a ‘comic’ reality indeed. Love your comics – so original and detailed!! And funny – with sad undertones…

    1. You know, sometimes I think of discontinuing the comic but comments as this inspires me to develop more, as they speak to the times we’re in. Creating the comic this way does take a great deal of time but I wanted something not so common. Thank you for your appreciation of The Dolls. Sincerely.

      1. Omigosh, I hope you never stop! It would be a disservice to your abilities, your self, your admirers of your gifts – and your creations, the dolls themselves! Please do continue. Time will pass anyway. What else you gotta do, y’know? 😉

    1. Thank you, Karen. I’m dreaming up a script for the next one. Lord knows we have much fodder in the political arena. Unfortunately, so.

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