Jazz It Up

I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes here, if you wanna call it work at all. It is to me. Making dolls works the tarnation outta your hands, you wind up wearing your reading glasses to see every little thing, and sitting flattens your buttocks. And flattening your buttocks is a mighty fine thing if that’s what you’re going for, so guess what I do? I stand up to work sometimes. Gravity’s gonna flatten everything out in time and it ain’t my aim to help it out none. You feel me? Course, I’ve seen some older women with some big ole bottoms too. I don’t know how they managed that but hey, it’s not like I can go up and ask, okay? I imagine a mighty punch could result from such an inquisition. Anyway, I’m all off task in my conversation…

These particular dolls I’ve been putting out of late is a part of a series. I’ll move on to something else once these twelve are all dolled up.  The dolls are for play and learning. Jazz is her name, which I thought was rather fitting. I never know what nationality or name they’ll have ’til they’re mostly complete. I’ll repost more photos of Jazz as I complete some other accessories that’ll go along with her. For now, this is what I have.

Jazz is 15.5 inches, with removable clothing. The beads in her hair slide off, so should she go to a very young child, I could easily remove them. She has a set of PJs and a pair of undies with a tote bag. I’m also working on her bio.


I think Jazz is my favorite now. I put the painting in the backdrop to represent her name. It’s one I created a few years ago, entitled Rhapsody in Red. The little rug and chair was handmade too. The chair is made from magazine pages, hot glue and paint.  The doll series is a multicultural group and I’m having a great time making them. Have a good and safe weekend, folks.

3 thoughts on “Jazz It Up”

  1. O. M. G. You know what? You are a true craftsman – I mean craftswoman! You’re an artist, and your work belongs in a museum!! I hope one day it gets there. Beautiful and amazing! <3

    1. I really appreciate you saying that. It means the world…

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