Girls of Summer

As you can see, Life of The Dolls is on hiatus. It may be due to the excessive rain possibly ruining their make-up, should they get wet, that is. Actually, I shot the photos here only two minutes before going back inside and hearing rain pour. I love it without the thunder and lightning. Anyhow…

I do believe I’m going to do another photo shoot for the doll comic. I do miss them but I’ve had some other priorities that have nothing to do with art at all, unfortunately. Perhaps I’ll prop myself in bed tonight and write a script. It’s a very intense process, folks. 🙂

On this other hand I have, the dolls I’m making now aren’t for the comics. At this point, I don’t see adding any dolls to the cast. I do have only two hands, two eyes, 24 hours in a day – you get the picture.

Mona here, by the way, is a play doll. Contrary to what you may know about red heads, she’s a fairly laid back kinda girl. At least she is in these photos.

Back to the other hand, these dolls are part of the same family and several more will be joining momentarily.

5 thoughts on “Girls of Summer”

    1. Thanks, Ellie P. It takes a lotta time too. More confirmation that girls are high maintenance. ?

    1. Yes, I quickly discovered how consuming cartooning was. It’s gratifying in the end but is quite the task to get one thinking and laughing. I can imagine what stand up comedy is like, probably a little scary at the possibility of getting booed off the stage.

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