Me and The Fosters

The dolls are coming along. Not as quickly as I’d like but this one is totally done. I think she’s my favorite so far. I created a pattern for bell bottoms and thought a floral print would give them a funky look but I softened it up with a pastel yellow top.

It occurred to me as  I was taking photos that the top could also be a dress. The shoes are made from felt and yarn, with embroidery thread. I forgot to add Barbie in the photo shoot but I’ll put a sticky note on my forehead to remember next time.

On a much different note, when time permits as it does now, I find myself addicted to watching shows on Netflix or Hulu. At the moment, it’s The Fosters. Around the Christmas holiday, it was The Good Wife. I do find my involvement, emotional that is, gets me peeved at the writers who have the actors going in a different direction than I want them to go. I know these twists and turns keep viewers coming back like, aheeem, myself, but if you watch this show, is Callie a kisser slut to you? Does Brandon remind you of a young, dark Jerry Seinfeld? Is Jude more than super weird, not because he can’t quite identify with his sexuality, but because he just is? And didn’t you just love it when Stef went to Brandon’s girlfriend’s house to disturb morning sex with his 21 year old girlfriend who has a 2 year old son because 18 year old Brandon is so talented that Julliard wants him to audition? I’m sorry. I know that’s a lot but I’m emotionally invested some kinda way. Breathe in, breathe out…

That’s why I’m an artist. It’s therapeutic in facing the ills out there. I mean, life is hard. Not mine. Theirs.






5 thoughts on “Me and The Fosters”

  1. LOVE the doll and her clothes! You are soooo talented!
    I don’t watch those (don’t have those services) but right now am addicted to: The Handmaid’s Tale, Chance, and Better Call Saul. Fab shows!!

    1. Thank you, Ellie P. If it weren’t for health issues, I’d be further along. Gosh darn it!

      I was about to watch The Handmaid’s Tale, then decided on Twisted, which I’m about 15 minutes into. I know about Saul from Breaking Bad. Real shady fella. I’ve not heard of Chance.

      1. Sorry about your health stuff. ? Chance stars the great Hugh Laurie (from House!) as a psychiatrist with an obsessive dark side. ??

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