Food Fight

Truly, it’s no laughing matter that America, the north that is, is fighting against itself. I mean, we do that where parties are concerned but there’s a clear line in the sand, folks. Like Moses parting the Red Sea and folk falling through. Not that I’m likening Trump to Moses. Let’s be clear, okay? I’m talking the sit’ation, alright?


I so didn’t mean for the comic to pivot in this direction but here I am. I do, however, think art should speak to social change. Recall Bauhaus. Good day and good night.

10 thoughts on “Food Fight

  1. Love it: “all manner of folk getting a clear view up her nostrils”. Yeah, in these times it would be hard not to be commenting, eh? I like the way you’re doing it with relationships in the lives of ordinary dolls.

    1. Thank you, Karen. The doll comic has been fun to work on. So glad to have you stop by to enjoy it.

    1. Well, I surely preshate that, Ellie P. You’re a welcomed guest here any ole time. It’s a constant work in progress. Course, you know that, being a writer and all.

      Side note…I’ve been sharing those dirty jokes from your blog. Keep’m coming. They love them?

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