Sleeping With the Enemy

I don’t have a Valentine’s Day comic. I don’t think I’ve ever done one. There’s so much happening on Capitol Hill, I can’t focus on these menial days we’re coerced to recognize. I do hope I don’t go to sleep with this on my brain. I’ve been watching CNN the last 3 hours.

Speaking of brain, I had a dream a few days ago. I was in an emergency situation and found myself needing to make a call. From my pocket, I pulled out a chicken wing. I kid you not, this was my cell phone.  I be darn if the darn thing wasn’t dry and I couldn’t dial out, folks. I woke up and asked myself, “What the hell?”

I’m starting to reckon that very question is getting asked around quite a bit these days.

9 thoughts on “Sleeping With the Enemy

  1. I’m disgusted that this president or even any past president is in our face , in the news and up to something every single day. The mega-presence they have in our lives is like all the dictatorships.

    1. It’s real-time news, all day every day and social media. A new day and time and a tumultuous, uncertain time on the Hill.

  2. I have outlawed CNN in my household (granted, there’s only me, oh, and one cat in it) – barring a YUUUGE catastrophe. I mean, besides the one that happened on November 8th. Am keeping up with news on Huffpost and the Daily Kos (left-wing newsletter) instead. It beats having to listen to CNN’s “balanced” reporting, including Repub yahoo apologists for the orange monster.
    Cheers from Canada!

    1. Heck, I’m about to turn to it now. I’m sick. I was telling a friend this morning that I wish I was Canadian right about now.

        1. There’s no saving me, soon as I get in from work, I tuned in. Before seeing your response. I don’t chew gum but I love German chocolate cake.?

    1. Thank you for stopping by. So glad you’re enjoying the dolls. They’re becoming quite opinionated.

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