Stop Motion No. 5 – Last Dance

I thought another doll should star in one of the Real LoBudget productions I put so much of my blood, sweat and effort into. It’s also a way for Dr. Lorraine to perform her finale on Love Totsy Presents. It’s a solo performance, folks.

You see, she’s going off to continue her work in North Carolina. My cousin lives there and she’s recovering from breast cancer treatment. With Lorraine being a doctor and all, she’s been picked to go on account of her credentials and that she’s wearing lime green. This is my cousin’s favorite color.

I reckon I’ll have to build a plane to get the doctor to her destination. She’s too bourgeoisie to be shipped off in a box and whatnot. A drone could possibly work but don’t they resemble mechanical insects? The doctor wouldn’t find that real cute.

So, shall we dance?


4 thoughts on “Stop Motion No. 5 – Last Dance

    1. I thought the same when studying other doll maker’s dolls. For needle sculpting, the seam is common. I could make the heads with side seams but the faces wouldn’t have the dimensionality. I have made the flat face dolls and they do look nice but in my learning the process, needle sculpting was the advanced technique that demonstrated another skill level. On another hand, I could get rid of the seam in Photoshop but that’s way more work than I’d like to do for a free comic. I will make seamless ones in my next comic.

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