Stop Motion No. 3 – Above 90

Gnats give off their fair share of irritation. Nobody understood that as well as Chloe, on account that she became one in her own way and Esperanza was certainly feeling the effects of it. It was hot, as down south is in summer months, and Esperanza found herself with a broken AC.

In the meantime of waiting for her ship to sail in to pay for the darn thing, she had to make do under the conditions she found herself under.

It went a little something like this…

5 thoughts on “Stop Motion No. 3 – Above 90”

  1. Hi again, Tosh.

    The site looks good. Well thought out and laid out.

    Tell the girls I said hello.


    1. Thanks, Tom.
      Esperanza will be especially elated to hear from you.? Thanks for checking me out over here. I do like the cleanness of the theme.

  2. I wondered what happened to you. Like you picked up and left without so much as a by your leave. Glad to finally reconnect. Just subscribed so maybe now I’ll be getting notifications. Hope so! 🙂

    1. I was attacked by spam. Went back to and felt a little lost since the dashboard had changed. Rather, it seemed limited compared to when I had it before.

      Thanks for subscribing. I missed you folks. So, here we are again. 🙂

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